Robert McNamara – Former US Secretary of Defense – Apocalypse Soon

Posted on August 20, 2011

Former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara describes the current nuclear weapons situations in the world and how it can trigger a global catastrophe.

“We – The United States  – have been and remain prepared to initiate the use of nuclear weapons – by the decision of one person, the president – against either a nuclear or non nuclear enemy whenever we believe it is in our interest to do so. To launch weapons against a nuclear-equipped opponent would be suicidal. To do so against a non nuclear enemy would be militarily unnecessary, morally repugnant, and politically indefensible. There is no way to effectively contain a nuclear strike – to keep it from inflicting enormous destruction on civilian life and property, and there is no guarantee against unlimited escalation once the first nuclear strike occurs. We cannot avoid the serious and unacceptable risk of nuclear war until we recognize these facts and base our military plans and policies upon this recognition.”

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