What the Bleep do we know

Posted on August 25, 2011


A controversial, thought provoking, mind blowing and eye opening documentary featuring interviews with 14 Scientists and Mystics. What the Bleep explores the worlds of Quantum Physics, Neurology, and Molecular Biology in relation to Spirituality and Day-to-Day Reality. It is conducted part documentary, part drama, part animation. The storyline involves a deaf photographer who awakens to a wider, deeper and more objective understanding of life and reality and becomes much happier in the process.

Eclectic version – easier access

Compiled by lightessence37 on YouTube

”A new original movie compiling the best excerpts from the following motion pictures:
– What the Bleep Do We Know!? (1hr 40m)
– What the Bleep-Down the Rabbit Hole (2hrs 30m)
– What the Bleep-Quantum Edition (5 hrs)

The Scientists, Mystics and Scholars Interviews herein were chosen based on the expertise in the subjects which they discussed. They do not necessarily agree with all viewpoints put forth in the film. Likewise the filmmakers may not agree with all the viewpoints put forth by the interviewees. Agreement is not necessary – thinking for one’s self is.”


Part 1 “Introduction” – What Is Reality? – Eyes vs. Brain seeing

Part 2 “Court of Unending Possibilities” – Observer Illusion – Quantum Mechanics

Part 3 “Double-Slit Experiment” – Particles or Waves? – Entanglement

Part 4 “Messages From Water” – Superposition – Consciousness – “The Message From Water” – Creating Reality

Part 5 “Random Generators”

Part 6 “God & Religion” – 4 Great Questions – Addiction & Fantasy – Religion – Offending God – The Brain

Part 7 “Emotions” – Brain Connections – Emotions – Amino Acids (Neuropeptides) – The Cell – Addiction

Part 8 “Addiction” – Addiction (cont.)

Part 9 “Bombarding Cells” – “Addicted To Love” Song – Frontal Lobe – Bombarding Receptors – Aging

Part 10 “Healing” – “I hate you” mirror scene – New Choices – Consciousness

Part 11 “Unity” – What is God? – Unity & Entanglement – Psychic Experience

Part 12 “Flatland”

Part 13 “Placebo Effect”

Part 14 “Message From Water 2”


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